Eagle Eye’s RAE brings intelligence, people, and data together to empower one another.
As users collaborate and build off one another's work, they create and grow
a body of shared intelligence for their organization.


Artificial intelligence and risk management perfectly align when there is a need for handling and evaluating unstructured data, together with structured data. It is crucial that risk officers of financial institutions and intelligence agencies to focus on analytics and stop losses in a proactive manner based on AI findings, rather than spending time in managing the risks inherent in the operational processes.


Eagle Eyes’ RAE is ideal as an ‘Investigative Platform’ for intelligent agencies and financial risk departments. This ‘Real-Time Streaming Analytics Platform’ will handle all incoming time series data and scores risk by applying unique stream pattern algorithms and models on the fly.

In additional, Eagle Eye is suitable for Border Control and Immigration for air passengers; the system can be adapted for passenger lists used by flights, trains, ferries, and cruise ship operators.