Eagle Eye

AI Insight Engine

An AI powered 'Insight Engine' with investigative platform that leverages machine learning capabilities and cognitive search to extract unstructured and structured data from different sources

AI Powered Insight Engine

Eagle Eye’s NLP (Natural Language Processing) engine enriches and maps unstructured and structures data into meaningful entities - people, organization, places, things, and events- and automatically and intelligently form relationships that connects them into a ‘Knowledge Graph’. Its’ cognitive search with AI capabilities delivers actionable insights derived from the full spectrum of content and data sourced within and eternal to the enterprise.



Analyzes structured and unstructured data by simulating the human language

AI Powered

Through AI, the system has the ability to understand and derive meaning from data

Maximized Productivity

Manual enterprise processes are automated and digitized, ensuring effective and proactive operations

Machine Learning

Learns from current and historical data iteratively and extracts useful information without being explicitly programmed to do so

Link Analysis

Identifies the different types of entities and uncover the relationships between them

Cognitive Search

More than just a keyword search, cognitive search returns relevant results as well as query suggestions

Clustering & Classification

Content is extracted to provide a “macro” understanding of the data

Automated Tagging

The system automatically generates possible tags relevant to the content

Data Visualization

Compiles all the generated insight and presents it in concise and meaningful graphical representations

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