Fast Data Transformation

EzData enables data analysts, data scientists, and other domain experts to quickly wrangle and transform datasets of varying types for use in other analytics systems. Using an innovative set of web-based tools, you can import complex datasets and wrangle them for use in virtually any analytics system.

Fast and user-friendly data Transformation

EzData provides the tools to wrangle data for the people to understand the meaning of the data. With EzData, analysts have the means to apply their expertise to the preparation of the data, in a way that is faster and more productive. Featuring a leading-edge interface, powerful machine intelligence and advanced distributed processing; EzData renders the time-consuming, complex, and error-prone process of preparing datasets of any volume into a point-and-click exercise. What took six weeks in the IT lab can be done in less than two hours at the analyst's desk.


Visual Data Wrangling

Easy and Intuitive Transformation

Rich Expressions/ Functions

Interactive Data Quality

Integration to Kafka

Leading Edge Interface

Predictive Transformation

Support IoT Platforms

Smart Cleansing

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