Data Science Studio

A data science platform designed
specifically for teams of data scientists,
data analysts, and engineers to explore and build prototypes as well as develop data science solutions.

A Data Science Studio

Foresight supports the end-to-end data mining and machine learning process with a comprehensive visual and programming interface. The platform also empowers analytics team members of all skill levels with a simple, powerful, and automated tool to handle all tasks in the analytics life cycle.


Data Ingestion

Import data from one or multiple sources for either immediate processing or storage in a database.

Data Preparation

Raw data is cleansed and manipulated so that it can be further processed and analyzed

Data Exploration

Explore data visually to uncover initial patterns and characteristics of the data set.

Feature Engineering

Transform raw data into features that can be used to enhance machine learning performance

Model Creation & Training

Versatility of the platform enables users to create and train models efficiently and on their own terms: with or without coding.

Model Testing

Evaluate testing data against the training model with high accuracy.


Integrate ML model into production environment that can be used for business driving purposes.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Dashboards to ease the process of monitoring and maintaining the models


Streamline the process where teams are able to work on the same projects simultaneously.

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