Mini Apps

Rapid app development

Create your own tailored and targeted low-code mini apps for taks and role-specific scenarios. Integrate rapidly and seemlesy with our powerfull, private and secure Falcon App using just drag and drop

Form Designer and Workflow

Mini Apps enables a broad range of app scenarios to be created and infuse ‘digital transformation’ into manual and outdated processes. With integration to Falcon for the mobile workforce; it may be used to solve business problems for task and role-specific scenarios such as data collection for surveys, inspections, marketing campaigns, field sales enablement, prospect management.

User friendly interface

Building and launching your app
become easier than ever
with user friendly UI

Workplace management

Design and customize every detail
of your app for your
business needs

Data collection

Create your own form to collect suitable data with built in Form Builder

Data Driven App

Generate responsive applications with your data model and business processes

Low coding platform

Create and design multiple website simultaneously using visual tools

Extendable apps

Extend your apps further with all your data connected with SpotLight applications

Workflow Engine

Simple workflow to approve data and documents and sharing

Offline capable

Be productive even without connectivity

Fully integrated

Connect your apps across the entire spotlight to boost your business decisions

Ready to get started?

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